Welcome to my house?

In late 2001 I created a company called Sparking Rock Consulting. That was the genesis of this site. I have not operated that company now for over 5 years, so the purpose of this site has evolved.

It now serves as my ?home on the Internet?. I am an information worker that has been working on computer systems since before 1980. I am someone that started to use the Internet in the early 1990s to collaborate and coordinate with social, academic, and work teams that I have been involved with. This is my space, my site, my corner of the virtual world, and my place in the online social fabric that now flows through all our societies.

I subscribe to, and use some of the current social sites like FaceBook and Linked-in, but this site allows me to craft something that is completely my own. Thanks to the platform my hosting company provides, I can try out new technologies, and I have a place to provide me with tools & documents that I find useful.

This site is for me, so most of the tools here are ones that I use. But, if I have openly posted documents or tools here, then they are things that I am offering to share. I would appreciate if you reference them if you re-use them, but hopefully they will provide useful value to you also.